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31st July 2003Zulu VC's?
By Joseph
Ok, so no Zulu got a VC, but what I wanted to know was- Was there an award that the Zulu King or any one else gave to a brave Zulu for something they did in battle?
1st August 2003Keith Smith
Hi Joseph

This matter has been dealt with earlier on the forum but the short answer is: yes, the Zulu king could, and did, reward especially courageous acts during conflicts with the gift of a necklace of carved wooden beads called an isiQu. I have mentioned before that this necklace formed the germ of the idea for the small wooden beads worn by Scout leaders called the Wood Badge, designed by Baden-Powell.
1st August 2003Joseph
Keith answered the question pretty succinctly. You should take a day and read all the old pages. A ton of material there.