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3rd August 2003My own RD.
By Trevor
Dear reader.
I am just off on a campaign to Blackpool.
I will be faceing many Impi, at the front defences. I.E. The promenade!
But I have faith in my troops. "She happens to be my wife as well!
She will carry out all orders to the letter. "Unless she sees a shop with a bargain in it!
It might get particularly nasty as night falls. The locals will be well fired up with the local firewater, and I expect to feel the full might of thier fury.
I really do need the lights to see them comming!
Then it will be full volley fire from wifes mouth!
They dont stand a bloody chance!
4th August 2003Andy Lee

Hope you too are good at building bridges - especially if your good lady gets to read the above.