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5th August 2003chard
By jacky chard
can anyone tell me y chard was buried in a charch and not grave yards? was his father a preast? i am sorry for fuss i have caused on last topic. i just wish i was related to the great chard!!!!!!
6th August 2003Martin Heyes
I have read the other post where this writer says she is a 7 yrs old girl. Like other people I have my doubts as to this assertion.
However, Chard was buried in the graveyard of a country church in Somerset - where his brother was rector.
Full details can be found by clicking on to his name at the left of this page.
May I ask the webmaster if he is going to continue to allow "Jacky Chard" to continue to post these queries?
6th August 2003Andy Lee
I think the clue lies within the email address
C(Hardly) at HO(mail).

Anyway Jacky if you wish to learn more may I suggest the Zulu day at Bristol (7 September) would be a great start.

7th August 2003jacky chard
i dont have an email. i just stick 1 there coz it wont let me post witout it!!
andy- im gusing you mean bristol is in england. but i dont live in england!!! im from sweden where army historyi s limit!
i have a nother question! was Scotland the last place he served at?! and what did he do there?
thank you
8th August 2003Andy Lee

My apologies, should have thought you may not be from the UK.

I'm not a expert in this field, I'm a general Victoria Cross researcher but the Zulu wars interest me most of all.

The Rectory where John Chard VC spent his last days in Hatch Beauchamp was when I last visited a Bed and Breakfast 'Close House'. Having spent a couple of nights there the owner informed me that he had for sale a booklet of roughly 30 pages all about John Chard's life, it was an interesting read and on my next visit I will purchase you a copy.