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9th August 2003Sanitation.
By paul neville
Is there any reading by field doctors who served at Islandwana or RD. Being a nurse I am interested in their readings of hygiene and medical procedures used in the field at the time of battle. What medications they carried, treatment of wounds, etc
10th August 2003Keith Smith

There are a couple of things you might try to find, but they are quite difficult to locate:

1. D. Blair Brown, “Surgical notes on the Zulu War”, Lancet, Vol. 2, July, 1879.
2. D. Blair Brown, "Surgical Experiences in the Zulu and Transvaal Wars."
3. Surgeon Reynolds also wrote of his experience at Rorke's Drift, but I can't put my hand on the name or source of it. If I locate it, I'll let you know.
10th August 2003Paul Naish

Have a look at Lee Stevenson's excellent book - "The Rorke's Drift Doctor" ISBN 0 954 1963-0-9. It may shed some ligjht on what you are seeking.
10th August 2003Mark Hobson
The Anglo Zulu War Historical Society ran an interesting article in one of their journals, entitled "Disease and Illness Prevalent During the Anglo Zulu War". This can be viewed by going to their website and clicking on "Journals".
10th August 2003Lee Stevenson
You might also look out for the following;-

"Medical History of the War in Zululand in 1879"

by Surgeon-General J.A. Woolfryes, M.D., C.B., C.M.G., which appeared as 'Appendix IV' in the Army Medical Department Annual Report for 1879.

10th August 2003James Garland
I posted a transcript of D. Blair Brown's "Surgical notes on the Zulu War" Lancet on this discussion forum about 6 months ago. I can't recall what the topic was but a trawl through should find it.

11th August 2003Keith Smith

I have located the Surgeon Reynolds paper: it is in Adran Greaves' book "Rorke's Drift", p. 399.
11th August 2003Derek Scoins
Try also: Lewis M. Reynolds (no relation) - Diary [of a] a civil surgeon serving with British Army in South Africa during the Zulu War (2002).
All but one of the works (not the Greaves) mentioned in the above replies are available for consultation in The Wellcome Library, 183 Euston Rd., London, NW1 - open to the public, free of charge!
See for further details or drop me an email.
Derek Scoins
13th August 2003paul neville
Thanks everybody for all your help.