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14th August 2003Survivers
By Robert Jones
When Russell,s battery was quickly wiped out by the Zulu left horn at the start of the battle of Isandlwana I believe {according to different accounts} there were two or three survivers.
Can anyone tell me who they were and what happened to them afterwards?
14th August 2003Julian Whybra
There were four survivors from the Rocket Battery - three soldiers on detached duty from the 1/24th - Privates Grant, Trainer and Johnson - and one soldier from N/5 Battery -Acting Bombardier Goff. All four escaped, the first three left accounts all in the 24th Regt museum or readable in Norman Holme's books.
14th August 2003John Young

Julian has referred you where to look for information on the 1st/24th men, so I'll give you a little more on the other survivor.

Gunner (Acting Bombardier) 2766 George Goff, of 'N' Battery, 5th Brigade, Royal Artillery. He was attested on 12th April, 1873, his age the time of his attestation was 24 years & 7 months. He deserted the battery whilst still serving in South Africa on 28th July, 1880. After that point I have no further information on him.