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15th August 20031467 Pte George Deacon aka George Deacon Power - Rorkes Drift Defender
By Ken Lakin
Some years ago I purchased at auction, three Zulu War medals including that of 1467 Pte George Deacon.

I have seen the reference to him in Norman Holme's The Silver Wreath, which describes his desertion in Sept 1879, does anyone have any further info?
15th August 2003Andy Cherry
From Norman Holme's "The Noble 24th":-
Deacon, George. 25thB/1467 Private (Alias George D. Power.)
Born at Bank, Hampshire; trade-clerk. Description: age 18 years. Attested for 25 Brigade at Chatham, Kent 10/11/1877. Posted to 2nd Bn 24th Foot.
Private 10/11/1877. Confined 12/3/1878-18/3/1878. Confined 11/2/1879-24/2/1879 for failing to obey an order. Deserted at Pietermaritzburg 9/9/1879. Died at Ilford, Essex 17/2/1934 (Regimental Archive).
Served in the Kaffir War 1878. Served in the Zulu War 1879, a Private in B Com-pany at the defence of Rorke's Drift. In an account by Private Hitch VC, he is mis--named 'Deakin'.
Hope this is of some help
Andy Cherry
15th August 2003Andy Cherry
Also please view the following web site:
Andy Cherry
8th January 2005Peter Jacobs
I am now the owner of George Deacon's medal via DNW last Sep. Happy to exchange any info although I have yet to start any detailed research. Regards,