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19th August 2003Lt Vause and Lt Raw NNH
By Adrian wright
Can somebody tell me what became of Wyatt vause and Charles Raw after the battle of Isandlwana 22nd Jan. 1879 ?
19th August 2003John Young
Based on an article written by his great-nephew Paul Raw, that we published in Volume No. 7, Issue No. 2 of 'The Journal of the Anglo-Zulu War Research Society', I can assist regarding Charles Raw.

Post Isandlwana, Charles Raw was involved in the search and recovery of the Queen's Colour of the 1st/24th.

Raw was subsequently attached to the Edendale Troop, and served under Brevet Colonel Henry Wood's No 4 Column. He was present under the command of Brevet Lt.-Col. J.C. Russell at the Battle of Hlobane, on 28th March, 1879. Present at Khambula on 29th March, 1879.

He performed various patrol duties in April & May. He was present on the Buller reconnaissance, which the exiled Prince Imperial of France accompanied.

Fought at the Battle of Ulundi, 4th July, 1879.

Raw met with the exiled Empress Eugenie of France on her visit to South Africa.

After the Anglo-Zulu War returned to civilian life. Charles Raw went into business with his brother G.H. Raw.

Raw moved to Johannesburg and went into business, trading under the name of Raw & Schofeld, Johannesburg.

He died of enteric fever on 27th December, 1888, and his body was subsequentl;y buried in the Commercial Road Cemetery, Pietermaritzburg.

I believe that Paul is currently writing another piece on the N.N.H., which will include extracts from Richard Wyatt Vause's diary of 1879.

Richard Vause's sister, Mary Park Vause, married John James Raw, Charles' brother.

The photograph that at least one author suggests depicts the two men on horseback circa 1888, only actually depicts R.W. Vause on the left of the pair. The identity of the horseman on the right, is in dispute, but I am informed by the family is not Charles Raw.

John Y.
21st August 2003Adrian Wright
Thankyou very much for that John.
I am familiar with the photograph to which are referring.
May I inquire as to how I can become a member of The Royal Zulu War Society?