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19th August 2003Slade wallis webbing equipment
By Dave Chapman
Can anyone help me, im trying to model a soldier from the 24th foot regt in one sixth scale during the zulu war using authentic materials but im having trouble trying to locate any reference material on the white slade wallis equipment that was used at that time, can anyone help me locate some close up detailed pics of this equipment
19th August 2003John Young

First thing - British troops in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, did not wear 'Slade-Wallace' equipment, because it wasn't introduced until 1888, nine years after the campaign.

Troops in 1879 wore the 1871 pattern Valise Equipment, with minor variations on the pattern of pouches, from that of the original pattern, although there is photographic evidence which shows some troops wearing the earlier pattern pouches.

The material the equipment was made from was not 'webbing', it was buff leather. There are various books which display the equipment - 'Weapons & Equipment of the Victorian Soldier' by Donald Featherstone & Osprey did a book on British equipment. Drawings and photographs of the equipment also appear in works suchas Ian Knight's 'British Forces in Zululand 1879', again by Osprey, and in the same author's work, 'Zulu - Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift'.

Hope that helps,

John Y.
20th August 2003Gary Laliberty

That book on British equipment from Osprey is called : "British Infantry Equipments (1) 1808 - 1908" by Mike Chappell, from Osprey's Men - At - Arms Series #107.