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22nd August 2003complete list
By john
can anyone tell me the complete list of all those who fought at rorkes drift??..i only see those who got the v c and some in the movie zulu
22nd August 2003john
sorry for the double post
22nd August 2003Martin Everett

You haven't looked, try
22nd August 2003john
thanks martin!! i just found this site and im overwhemed!! i had to post this!!
22nd August 2003Julian Whybra
You might also look in my book The Roll Call ISBN 1853 058 10 1
22nd August 2003Andy Lee

If allowed on this forum, if not at my email address please could you tell me more about your book and where I can purchase it from, sounds very interesting.


22nd August 2003Julian Whybra
I don't want to use the website for commercial gain - it wouldn't be in the right spirit so I'll contact you direct with details.
22nd August 2003Clive Dickens
Would you mind doing me the same favour please,I to would like to purchase it
Thank You
23rd August 2003A M Banks
Julian's book is well worth space on any libray shelf.
24th August 2003Julian Whybra
Well, thanks, perhaps I should point out that there are a number of addenda to it which I've compiled over the last 13 years, which I'm happy to send to anyone owning a copy.
26th August 2003Adrian Wright
Julian, I would also deeply appreciate details of your work.