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22nd August 2003The death of the Prince Imperial
By A M Banks
I've just returned from a trip to Zululand. Whilst there I heard a story that supposedly originated from the Zulus who were present when the Prince Imperial was killed. Reportedly the Prince Imperial & several of his party [two troopers, I think] were killed because they were found by Zulu warriors whilst the Prince & the british soldiers were engaged in 'liaisons' with zulu women from the near by kraal. Has anyone else heard this story?
22nd August 2003Julian whybra
Hardly likely! Strange then that none of the Zulus who left accounts mention this C21 juicy bit of tourist guide gossip and that their accounts more or less corroborate one another. I think if you'd pressed the source of this you would have found a succession of Chinese whispers.
23rd August 2003A M Banks
I have most of the books, etc published on the war & I'd not heard of this story, so I thought I'd offer it up to this forum. I agree with you, but wondered if I'd missed something, somewhere.
25th August 2003Stephen Coan
This version has been written up by Roger Webster in his book At the Fireside - a collection of his items first broadcast on the radio here in South Africa. Quite frankly it's rubbish. The story emerged in the last decade from white sources - cooked up in a pub. It got some publicity at the time in Durban's Sunday Tribune (I think).