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22nd August 2003shop on visitor servies
By kevin heslop
Is there a problem with the shop on visitors services as when i click on nothing happens have you sold out of everything, sorry about the boring topic
23rd August 2003Steven Sass

I've noticed a similar phenomenon. The shop does take a long time to come up after clicking on but it does eventually appear. I do however have a high speed cable connection. Perhaps, if one does not, the wait seems interminable. If it is too long the computer may simply 'time out.' I surmise after investigating, Alan or Peter will provide an explanation and fix.

Steven Sass
26th August 2003Peter Critchley
Hi there,

I've had a little look into this, and we did have some problems over the weekend with our databases, but these seem to have been sorted out (sometimes the servers get rebooted) - Also, as the shop is database driven, it loads all the required data up-front, which can sometimes make it slower than a normal flat web page..

I've just tried it out, and it's running OK, if a little slowly..

All the best,