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26th August 2003Scottish Regiments
By Dave Chapman
Sorry to be a pain the behind chaps but did any scottish regiments fght in the zulu war ? i do recall someone saying that the "Buffs" fought against the zulus, srel it cant just have been the 24th of foot that fought aginst te zulus. Any info on the other regiments that fought them would be greatly accepted, Im esepecially interested in the Black watch.
26th August 2003Martin Everett
Dear Dave
The roll for the campaign medal contains 24,000 Imperials including the Royal Navy and 14,000 Colonials. Not a small adventure!

Main British reigments (many of whom arrived for the 2nd invasion -i.e. after Isandhlwana):

King's Dragoon Guards
17th Lancers
2nd Bn 3rd Foot (The Buffs) an English Regt
2nd Bn 4th Foot
1st Bn 13th Foot
2nd Bn 21st Foot (Royal Scots Fusiliers)
1st Bn 24th
2nd Bn 24th
57th Foot
58th Foot
3rd Bn 60th Rifles
80th Foot
88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
90th Foot (Perthshire Light infantry)
94th Foot
99th Foot
plus Artillery, Engineers, Transport, Commissariat, Royal Navy - HMS Artive, Bodicea, Euphrates, Froester, Himalaya, Ornotes, Shah, Tamer, Tenedos.

Sorry to twell you that at the time the 42nd were in Sitapur in Bengal.

26th August 2003Clive Dickens
Welcome to the club you appear to have caught my desease hitting TWO keys at the same time I am pleased to see that I am not the only one guilty of this.
26th August 2003John Young

Just to say on the list above, for some reason Martin has excluded the 91st (Princess Louise's Argyllshire) Highlanders. The only 'Highland' regiment to take part in the campaign.

The 99th Foot also had Scottish links as it was then 'The Duke of Edinburgh's (Lanarkshire) Regiment', despite its Scottish title the unit's depot was in Devizes, Wiltshire.

The 94th was originally a Scottish regiment, wearing the kilt until 1809.

The 90th, who Martin mentioned above 'The Perthshire Volunteers Light Infantry' did have buff facings, and I recall a contemporary source referring to them as 'the Perthshire Buffs'.

Confusing isn't it?

John Y.
30th August 2003Julian whybra
There were also several special service officers serving with the Transport Dept who came from Scottish Regts - Essex for one.