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26th August 2003The British square at Ulundi
By Miguel
How many soldiers formed the square at Ulundi, and from what units?

And somewhat related to this: was there any contemporary account of bitterness from the 24th for not being included in the battle order at Ulundi (thus forfeiting the understandable wish for 'settling scores')?

Canary Islands
27th August 2003John Young

Units & strengths at Ulundi:-

1st (King's) Dragoon Guards: 2 officers & 24 other ranks.

17th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers: 24 officers (including attached personnel) & 285 other-ranks.

'N' Battery, 5th Brigade, Royal Artillery &
'N' Battery, 6th Brigade, R.A.: 8 officers & 140 other-ranks from both batteries.

2nd Battalion, 21st Regiment: 12 officers (including one attached) & 203 other-ranks.

58th Regiment:17 officers & 407 other-ranks.

94th Regiment: 17 officers & 616 other-ranks.

2nd Regiment, Natal Native Contingent: 405 all ranks.

Shepstone's Native Horse: 119 all ranks.

No. 3 Troop, Natal Horse: 12 other-ranks.

Army Medical Dept.: 13 officers (including volunteers).

Army Hospital Corps: 1 officer, 21 other-ranks & 91 bearers.

Army Chaplains' Dept.: 2 (including one voulnteer.)

10th Battery, 7th Brigade, R.A. & 11th Battery, 7th Brigade, R.A.: 5 officers & 80 other-ranks from both batteries.

5th(Field) Company, Royal Engineers: 5 officers (including one attached) & 62 other-ranks (including attached.)

1st/13th Light Infantry: 21 officers & 587 other-ranks.

80th Regiment: 11 officers & 357 other-ranks.

90th Light Infantry: 19 officers & 688 other-ranks.

Wood's Irregulars: 337 all ranks.

Natal Native Pioneers: 51 all ranks.

1st Squadron, Mounted Infantry: 4 officers & 64 other-ranks.

Transvaal Rangers: 5 officers & 62 other-ranks.

Frontier Light Horse: 10 officers & 96 other-ranks.

Baker's Horse: 6 officers & 86 other-ranks.

Natal Light Horse: 3 officers & 54 other-ranks.

Edendale Troop: 3 officers & 89 other-ranks.

NB I have not included General Officer Commanding's Staff, or the Staff of 2nd Division or the Flying Column.

Hope that answers one part of your question.

John Y.