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29th August 2003Zulu Programme on Timewatch
By Clive Dickens
Ian Knight whe was the advisor on the forthcoming BBC programme has written in Armourer Magazine Sep/Oct edition he has written about this programme it seems tha it is giong to be quite something with all the gory details such as disembowelment which took the make up department sometime to do computer technology has payed a big part. but overall it seems it is giong to be nearer the truth at last I am quite looking forward to it.
29th August 2003Martin Everett
We do not have a date of broadcast yet for this Tmewatch programme on BBC2. But I will post it on the forum once I know. There is a book on AZW being written by one of the other advisors - Dr Saul David. As well as one on Rorke's Drift by Ian Knight.
30th August 2003Cloive Dickens
Thank you very much ,that will save me scouring the T.V mags for it.