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1st September 2003Colour of General Service wagons?
By Glenn Wade
Could anyone please tell me what colour British general service (ammunition) wagons were?
1st September 2003MIke McCabe
For an authoritative reserached answer, can I suggest that you consult the Royal Logistic Corps Museum at Deepcut. They have subsumed the former museums and collections of the Royal Army Service Corps (and Royal Corps of Transport). Enquiries can be e-mailed to:

[email protected]

Generally though, wagons and carts on a unit establishment scaling would either have been painted a pale/mid grey or (later in the 19th Century) a dark gloss green. Locally procured hired wagons would be as provided by the hirer. There are some references to ammunition (and explosives) wagons being distinguished by red panels or flags - primarily because of the fire hazard that they represented, and because there were normally special orders requiring these to be properly guarded and secured on the line of march and during halts.