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2nd September 2003Durnford's Children
By Sally
Col Anthony Durnford had three children - two boys and a girl.
Have always believed that the two eldest children died before the Anglo Zulu War, and that he'd blamed the death of his eldest son on his wife.

Can anyone help ?
Had one or two sons died before AZW ?
Can you assist with names of children in particular, or names of those who had died ?
2nd September 2003Martin Everett
Dear Sally
Only notes I have:
1. Infant son buried in Malta 1856
2. Daughter Francis born 1857
3. 2nd daughter - Julia Brabazon died 1860

That's the best I can do.
17th September 2003Julian Whybra
Edward Charles 1855-1856
Frances E.M. b. 1857
Julia Brabazon 1859-1860
Why do you want to know?
3rd July 2005liz
Just to confirm children:

Edward Charles, born in Ceylon 1855, died Malta 1856.

Frances Eliabeth Maria, born 5 January 1857 in Malta. Married at St Margaret's, Twickenham 7 August 1883. Died 20 November 1919. No issue.

Julia Brabazon. Born at Anglesey, Gosport 1859. Died at Chatham, 1860.