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3rd September 2003CHARD
New letters found in attic puts chard 2.5 miles from Rorkers Drift at start of battle
3rd September 2003Alan davies
Yes I have heard of these letters coming to light.
It will be interesting when they are released.
And to think he wrote them letter at that time.
Who I cannot say yet.
Do you know dave
3rd September 2003DAVE
Yes Alan I do Know.
And yes he would have had time to write those letters.I have read nothing to suggest he dis-liked Chard.Anyway lets wait and see what the letters say.
Then we can discuss it on this web site.
3rd September 2003Alan davies
Was the boar with him.Or did he stay.
Some would say they were together.
Did they both return or was it just one.
did one return and the other run.
And did they meet after 1879.I bet they did.
The truth always comes to light.
3rd September 2003George Clunes
And how long before this exchange ceases to be meaningless?
4th September 2003Alan Davies
George. have you got a brother called Martin.
Thank you for your comment.
When I saw a reply I thought it would be construtive I was wrong.
Do you enjoy stamp collecting or Train Spotting.
5th September 2003Martin Heyes
It's possible Lt. Chard was 2.5 miles from Rorkers Drift at the start of the battle - given that he was at a place called RORKE'S DRIFT when the battle commenced. Is there another drift called "Rorkers" some 2.5 miles from the site of the battle??
5th September 2003peter marshall

Excellent info - but what letters are they? Please e-mail me when you get time.
11th September 2003Sceptic
Would this be the same attic where the Hitler Diaries were discovered?
19th September 2003Dave
To much cant be said yet.
However I can tell you the letters were discovered in Kent England. The owner of the letters was bury in beckenham kent.
But we do know he was there.
Peter This part is for good old George.

George Clunes are you still there.Or are you on a train spotting Holiday.
We look forward to your comments.