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4th September 2003Bristol Zulu War Event
By Alex Rossiter
Hi All,

Is anyone from RD Forum going to the event ?, will there be any trade stands (as ive not bought any zulu related things for ages).

Does anyone know what time the lectures and showing of film start?

Many Thanks

5th September 2003Jonathan Hicks
I'll be there - looking forward to it! (just submitted my PhD thesis on the myths of the War - last week. Wish me luck lads!)

5th September 2003Peter Critchley
I'd love to go, but I'm running in the Nike 10K Run for London thing (like the madman I am..)

Have fun guys!

8th September 2003Alex Rossiter
Unfortunetly i didnt end up going as i had a really bad cold/flu :-(.

Good Luck on your phd thesis Jonathan.

Peter , how did your run go? , i doubt i could run 5k let alone 10 , i hope it went well.

9th September 2003Peter Critchley
Hi Alex,

It wasn't too bad in the end - I was prepared for much pain, but we ended up running the whole way which was nice! Wont be doing anything quite as strenuous this week though, as my legs feel like lead now!!

9th September 2003Andy Lee

Having attended the Bristol event I can let you know it was outstanding - having a open forum panel with the likes of Ian Knight, Major Martin Everett, Dr Adrian Greaves, Jason Askew and Damian O'Connor was top class.

The Dr J Pinto first time showing of the black and white footage of the making of the film ' Zulu' was something else.

Lets hope this event is repeated.


9th September 2003Martin Everett
Dear Andy,
Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated. We indend to repeat the event. Any thoughts you may have will be welcomed. The location will possibly be London.
9th September 2003Melvin Hunt
I second what Andy has said. Great day out. Ian Knight was on top form and the documentary was spellbinding stuff indeed.
The open forum was very well conducted by John Urquhart and would have gone on for much longer had time allowed. Thanks must also go to Bill Cainan for bringing his remarkable Rorkes Drift display.
10th September 2003Andy Lee
I forgot to mention John Urquhart in my earlier thread, he deserved some well earned thanks for his large contribution to a great day.

Martin, great news about the event being repeated. I thought Bristol was a great location but there again I would say that being based in Birmingham. For me, the Open forum could have gone on all day.

11th September 2003john urquhart
It's been good to read the comments and even better to read the feedback i've been sent. Yes, I thought that the day went really well though we can improve on it still. A day like that is as good as the speakers and they were excellent.

Though the QEH Theatre was top notch, there wasn't enough forum space for a bigger exhibition and that will have to be addressed. In fact I had 2 cancellations in the 72 hours before the event and if they had come they would have been shoe-horned in.

Incidentally one was Rob Watt who many will know, who has been rushed into hospital for quite a serious kidney operation so we should all wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

We raised 200 for Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund and about the same for Ian Knight's Guns project so well done and thank you to all.
I'll post more when all the feedback is in particularly about a future event which will definitely happen: questions are where and when, and narrow (Zulu War), or wider scope? Views please. John.
12th September 2003Barry Iacoppi
Andy gives reference above to the black and white film of the making of Zulu. Has anyone any idea if video copies of the film are available or are planed to be produces so as those of us not residing in the U.K. might get a chance to see it?
12th September 2003Andy Lee

My understanding from information given at the Bristol event is that there is such a project being worked upon. I'm sure we will hear more on this subject in the not too distant future.
14th September 2003Barry Iacoppi
Thanks Andy.