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8th September 2003Another book on Isandlwana
By Clive Dickens
Well we have yet anther book published on Isandlwana it is in The focus series of Brasseys and is available online at, although my bookshelves are groaning at the weight of other books on this battle I have decided to give it a try , I will let you know what I think of it when I receive it.and have read it.
9th September 2003Adrian Wright
I've got my copy already - quick off the mark me! At last another researcher has Cavaye commanding `E' co. not `A' co. 24th.
I don't know what you think Clive, but a few more photographs would have been nice!!
Not a bad book though.
9th September 2003jJhn Young

Although the text is very matter of fact, what it lacks are photographs as Adrian states above. Some very strange choices of illustrations as well - what the 91st has to do with Isandlwana is beyond me.

More and better photographs would have helped.

John Y
9th September 2003Alex Rossiter
It's nice to see lot's of Isandlwana books being/been released, although ive got a backlog of 3 Isandlwana books to read.
9th September 2003Clive Dickens
Thanks chaps for the preview I will I expect come to the same conlusions as yourselves still it is anther book at the end of the day and will no doubt be put on my bookshelf to gather dust.
10th September 2003Julian Whybra
Not seen it yet. Does it say anything new or present any new evidence or is it a re-hash?
Who's the author (I couldn't find it on the chrysalis website)?
10th September 2003Martin Everett
Dear All,
The Dr Saul David book on the Zulu war is due out in January 2004. Saul was one of the advisors to BBC2 Timewatch production - programme due due to be shown Oct/Nov 2003.
10th September 2003Dave Nolan
Ian Beckett is the author
6th November 2003Simon Copley
It's ok but, as mentioned above, it is matter of fact. It lacks the emotional impact of Donald Morris' description.