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9th September 2003Review: Lock & Quantrill 'Zulu victory'.
By Derek Scoins
I recently came across this review of 'Zulu victory' which I thought may be of some interest! Apologies if this has been discussed before.
9th September 2003Julian Whybra
PC to a fault, I think!
9th September 2003Mike McCabe
Having been asked to review this book some time ago by the RE Journal, and constrained to a much shorter review, I was generally inclined to give the authors more credit for their work than this new reviewer does. However, his more rigorous and trenchant criticisms do indeed raise many fair questions on style, emphasis, points of detail, the use of sources and alternative ways of looking at the 'apparent basic perspective' of the authors. Though I do not agree with every criticism, most are fair enough if viewed from the 'apparent basic perspective' of the reviewer; or are at least thought provoking. It would indeed be instructive were new Zulu authors to come forward and provide the type of account envisaged by the reviewer. Sadly, I suspect it would be very difficult indeed to satisfy KZN-based critics, and su8ch work would probably only be commercially viable if sponsored by a public body such as the University of Natal. By far the most amusing part of the review (intended to be a mix of serious objective criticism and ironic humour we hope?) was the "unsolicited testimonial" on Arthur J Konigkramer; Chairman of the Amafa-Heritage KZN Council and perhaps not universally appreciated it appears.

9th September 2003Clive Dickens
I quite honestly think that Ron Locks & Peter Quantrills book "Zulu Victory " is one of the better books on the subject.
9th September 2003John Young
It is a pity that the reviewer takes issue at the spelling of Zulu names, yet mis-names the person he heard lecture on the field of Isandlwana - Rob Gerrard becomes 'Gerald'.

Personally, I could nit-pick the reviewer who incorrectly gives the designation of His Royal Highness Prince M.G. Buthelezi as 'chief'.

I conclude with Julian on this - 'PC to a fault'. Let him have his say. But in testimony to how 'Zulu Victory ...' is actually viewed by men whose forebears fought against the British in 1879, I was present in Waterstones Bookshop in London, when the descendants of Prince Dabulamanzi kaMpande & Ntshingwayo kaMahole, both bought copies two weeks ago.

I rather think their endorsement says more than the reviewer.

John Y.