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10th September 2003Jason Askew
By Andy Lee
Having attended the Zulu war day at Bristol one could not help but admire the original paintings by Jason Askew.

Having such a talented artist work on the Zulu war theme is a bonus. I only have one of his prints 'The death of William Griffiths VC' but if only my girlfriend would allow me would have the collection. Would be interested to know what others think of his work and if anyone knows of any plans for further paintings/prints by Jason on the zulu war theme.

10th September 2003Clive Dickens
Yes he is a great artist I am lucky in the fact that I have got three of his prints they now grace the walls of my den.
10th October 2003Paul Whiting
I agree that Jasons paintings are great and I cant wait to see the next lot of pictures he said he was working on at the Bristol show.
I am also an artist who is working on a picture of the VC winners at Rorkes Drift so I hope soon that people will admire my work in the same way they are admiring Jasons.
Any ideas fof things you would like to see painted?