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11th September 2003zulu &zulu dawn
By nylon
where were these actually filmed
13th September 2003Edward Garcia
“Zulu” was filmed at Royal Natal National Park in kwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The battle actually being shot in the park’s Drakensberg Mountains "Amphitheatre" one of the regions most spectacular natural features. “Zulu Dawn” was filmed at many of the actual locations where the events took place with Siphezi Mountain being used to represent Isandlwana. The real river crossing at Rorkes Drift was used in the film.
13th September 2003Martin Everett
Just to add to Edward's reply - the crossing of the Buffalo river in Zulu Dawn was actually filmed with the troops marching into Natal from Zululand - i.e. the river flows in the opposite direction.
17th September 2003Martin Heyes
If you can get hold of a copy of Sir Michael Caine's autobiography, "Not many people know that," (or similar), you will find a very interesting account of the making of "Zulu."
18th September 2003Melvin Hunt
Does any one know if Stanley Baker wrote an account of making "Zulu"?
22nd September 2003Sheldon Hall
Martin (Heyes): you will hopefully find an even more interesting account of the making of ZULU in my full-length book on that subject when it is published next spring!

Melvin: as far as I'm aware Stanley Baker did not personally write an account of the filming, though he did give various interviews on the subject over the years.