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13th September 2003Zulu War Timewatch Programme
By Mike Gore
I recently attended the Zulu War day at the QEH Theatre Bristol which I would like to add was supeb with excellent lectures by the panel of EXPERTS, particularly Ian Knight.
Ian used some interesting pictures as a backdrop on a big screen whilst conducting his lectures.These pictures were from the forthcoming Timewatch Programme which Ian Knight informes us is to be screened on the 24th October 2003. One for your diaries.
15th September 2003Colin Wilks
I was at Bristol as well and really felt that the day was well worth while. Lets hope it becomes a regular event. I would have liked to see more traders stands but perhaps it was a good thing there were not more ........ I spent enough as it was!
It was my first chance to see Ian Knight in the flesh, as it were, and he is as good a speaker as he is an author (thats a compliment!)
Looking forward to the BBC programme, I just hope it's not as dry as their last effort.

Kind Regards