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16th September 2003james Rorke
By Adrian wright
Does anybody know of any photographs or sketches of James Rorke? if his particular topic has been raised before I apologise.

Adrian Wright
16th September 2003Martin Everett
Dear Adrian,
I cannot recall seeing an image of James Rorke - of course he died on 24th October 1875.
I might suggest that instead of making single requests that both of the AZW Society have extensive archives - you might find easier to make a list of your requirements and approach them direct - I am sure they would be pleased to help you.
16th September 2003John Young

There's a photograph of James Rorke in Ian Knight's 'Nothing Remains But to Fight' published by Greenhill Books. The source of the image is the Killie Campbell Africana Library.

John Y.
17th September 2003Adrian Wright
Thanks - will investigate.