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16th September 2003Trpr. William Jordan Natal Mounted Police
By Julian Whybra
Can anyone help me out? Does anyone have a roll of Natal Mounted Policemen for January 1879? I'm looking for a Trooper William Jordan and his being part of Chelmsford's reconnaissance to the Malakathas at the time of Isandhlwana. Can anyone confirm his exostence, his membership of the NMP, and his presence on the reconnaissance?
16th September 2003John Young

I've check the late John Radburn's roll, and there was a Corporal W. Jordan, Natal Mounted Police. Again, as with my reply to a like query John did have a file on Jordan, but at this time I haven't seen it.

John Y.
17th September 2003Julian whybra
Good, thanks, John. Now, does anyone know of a contemporary account by someone on the reconnaissance which mentions him?
17th September 2003Keith Smith
Hi Julian

I thought you might be interested in the following extract from Local General Orders:

General Order No. 56 dated 14th March, 1879, published Times of Natal 19th March, 1879
1. The following appointments in the Commissariat and Transport Department, with pay at the rates and from the dates stated, are approved as follows:- Frank Cooke, conductor, 1st Feb. 1879, at 7s. 6d. per diem; Alfred Lambert, ditto, 1st, 7s. 6d.; E. de Steiger, temporary clerk, 3rd, 5s.; C. Helleput, conductor, 24th, 7s. 6d.; T. Sharratt, ditto, 24th, 7s. 6d.; W. Harding , ditto, 5th, 7s. 6d.; W. Sharp, ditto, 5th, 7s. 6d., G. Thomas, ditto, 4th, 7s. 6d.; P. Gunn, ditto, 3rd, 7s. 6d.; Lance Corporal Warry, 99th regiment, acting farrier, 20th January, 1s.; Corporal Jordan, acting storekeeper, 20th February, 2s.

I'm not sure, of course, that this was the same Jordan, but based on John's info. that he was a Corpral, it seems likely.

18th September 2003Julian Whybra
Interesting. Thanks, Keith, I'll try to follow it up.