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25th September 2003A Price
By George
My friend, a medal collector, recently came across a WW II Indian VC of a A Subedar, commander of a platoon in the Burmese war( a complete group ), killed fighting, and awarded post humously, now in the hands of a private Indian collector.

He has been given a quote of 85 000 Pound Sterling. Can knowledgable people on this forum suggest : Is it advisable to buy at the quoted price? Is it likely to become more dearer or cheaper in the near future? He is very interested, though.
25th September 2003Martin Heyes
Really nothing to do with Rorkes Drift or the AZW is it?
There are more appropriate websites for this type of query.
25th September 2003Andy Lee (Four for Valour Group)

85K is an average price for a VC and in my opinion a good investment. Again in my opinion it will not get cheaper in the near future. I would say go for it.

If it went to auction and a certain person was in attendence it could go as high as 120k and above.

If it is an original and you are satisified it is, 85k is a good price so go for it mate.


25th September 2003George
Thanks for your opinion, Mr.Andy. Should I ask my friend to bargain on the price a bit, or do you think that it is not worth the trouble?

Mr. Martin, I would be happy if you could suggest an appropriate site to post my query?
25th September 2003Andy Lee
I would be surprised if the price would be dropped but offer 80k and see what happens you might be lucky but 85k is an average rate for a VC.

All the best, hope your friend is successful
27th September 2003James Garland
George, please please make sure you engage the services of a recognised expert before you part with your money. You wouldn't spend that amount of money on a house without consulting at least a solicitor and a surveyor. You may be able to contact an expert through Spinks of London if you are in the uk.
30th September 2003Martin Heyes
Just go to and type in Victoria Cross. I'm sure you will find plenty of sites.
1st October 2003Alan Critchley
As Martin says, this is nothing to do with this site. A related subject has been pushed to page two because of it. Please stick to the point.

Alan Critchley