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30th September 2003Hook-Why the bad portrayment?
By Pauline Vanila
I know in real life Hook was not a drinker so why did the movie Zulu have that image for the great Hook. Hook was such a dedicated soldier.
1st October 2003Andy Lee

As you are probably aware there is usually a vast difference to what one views in a film to what actually happened. I suppose the part played by Hook in the film was deemed more entertaining for screen than the part he actually played in the battle.

I personally hope IF there is a re-make of Zulu we get to see the real Hook script as he would have been.

It was my understanding Barry Johnson was bringing out a second version of his book about Henry Hook does anyone out there know anymore on this.


2nd October 2003philip
did you know Hook ended his days as the care taker at the Imperail war museum in London
3rd November 2003Dan
And did you know one of his descendants today is "Safari Boy"...the Gloucestershire delinquent who was sent on holiday to improve his behaviour. Now the lad has changed his surname to Hook!