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2nd October 2003New 1/6 scale rorkes drift figure
By Dave Chapman
A little off topic i know but for all those model makers and figure collectors out there the new Dragon rorkes drift figure is now is stock at modellers loft price 30.00 i would post a review on the figure when he comes but not being upto snuff on uniform and equipment details i think ill leave the review to someone who actually knows what they are talking about in terms of correctness
10th October 2003Dave Chapman
Well i must say i am a little dissapointed with the new figure, the helmet in my eyes is completely wrong in the fact that the shape is weird, plus its soft and squishy, the tunic appears to be more of a marron colour than red the leather equipment is nicely made granted, but the ammo pouches dont fit onto the belt which cant be altered. All in all the only thing thats good about this figure is the naked figure itself but ill let others judge for themselves if they choose to purchase one