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4th October 2003Sgt Robert Maxfield (d.1879) at Rourkes Drift
By Doug Murrie
One of my wifes ancestors was Sgt Maxfield that died at Rourkes Drift. We are trying to accumulate as much information on him, his service and the battle. We know that he died in the hospital. If anyone has any information on him, or any photographs we would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Murrie
4th October 2003Clive Dickens
May I suggest that you contact Martin Everett (Maj Ret) the curator of the museum in Brecon I feel sure that he will for a small donation to the museum find an pass on to you all that he has in the records on Sgt Maxfield, he has helped me myself on one or two things in the past.
is web address is as follows
I hope this is of help
4th October 2003Julian whybra
Or get a copy of The Noble 24th by Norman Holme from the library and read the entry for Robert Maxfield yourself.
6th October 2003Doug Murrie
Thanks everyone for your help.
27th October 2003Derek Maxfield
Dear Doug, I would appreciate if you have any other information please could you pass it on to me. I am most interested as I'm also an ancestor to Sgt. Maxfield. Have family tree if interested?