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6th October 2003Books and CD about events of 1879
By Mark Elliott
Recently taken more of an interst in the Zulu wars and I was wondering if anyone can advise me of a good suppier for books, Audio book/cds on the subject. Must be a specialist out there. Thanks. Mark
6th October 2003Clive Dickens
I think you would not be far wrong in going to the web site of Amazon they cover most books that are in print on the Anglo/Zulu war for the more hard to get, the the web site of Stephen Hopkins who deals in secound hand books in good conditionn for him go to Links on left hand column, and Amazon there internet address is www.
I trus that this will be of help.
6th October 2003Mark Elliott
Many thanks on my way now ! Regards
6th October 2003Arthur Bainbridge
try www.adeabe books i think that the address
6th October 2003Adrian wright
www.Abebooks deal with rare and out-of-print publications - I have bought some good books from this site.
7th October 2003Julian whybra
The best option for many of the good primary source material is not to buy them but to use bibliographies and go to your library service and get them through interlibrary loan OR if you can get to the British Library or another copyright library, read them in situ and make notes or get pages copied.
7th October 2003Mark Elliott
Many thanks for all the help, should be an expert in a matter of days!!
7th October 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Mark be careful of experts they are not always right,remember the Titanic was buildt by experts
8th October 2003neil Aspinshaw
try this site! The RRW has an exellent book service with more than a heavy slant on the AZW, I ordered The Noble 24th, had it in a couple of days. Plus the cash goes to a good source!.
Good starters are Brave Mens Blood, (knight), Zulu victory, and The Zulu wars then and now (Knight and Castle). The Hill of the Shoinx is also excellent.
8th October 2003Neil Aspinshaw
Sorry I meant shpinx!.... must check my typing.
14th October 2003Martin Heyes
Fancy a 3rd go at getting it right?
You never know - may be 3rd time lucky!!
14th October 2003neil aspinshaw
oops! ...