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7th October 2003Royal Artillery Batteries
By Adrian Wright
Could somebody please let me know how many men (including their ranks - wheelers, gunners etc.) made up an Artillery Battery team. Also having read H Curlings letters written just after Isandlwana, I am surprised that fifty of his artillerymen were left in camp while only twenty manned his guns out on the firing line.Could somebody explain why?
Adrian Wright
7th October 2003Julian whybra
132. Read Peter Abbott's article on 'N Battery 5th Brigade at Isandhlwana' JSAHR Vol 56 1978.
20 men are needed to man two guns. The other 50 were surplus to requirements and would have been farriers, shoeing smiths, wheelers, etc, etc, plus the sick and those with camp duties.
7th October 2003Adrian Wright
Thankyou Juilian.
16th October 2003Adrian Wright
Could you possibly give me a glue as to where I can lay my hands on a copy of this particular volume?
Tried searching the net, but so far unable to locate one. I would deeply appreciate some help.
16th October 2003Martin Everett
Dear Adrian,
I suggest you 'take the bull by the horns' and come and see us. We have most of the book and publications written about the AZW. You'll make progress faster!
17th October 2003Adrian wright
I think you are probably right!!