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9th October 2003Zulu Impi in Royal Navy
By Sally
There is a story told about a Zulu Impi about 12 years old who survived the Battle of Gingindhlovu and was captured and adopted by the Naval crew from HMS Boadicea as a mascot and later joined the Royal Navy.

Can anyone shed any light on this story, or advise any way to find out what happened to him.
9th October 2003John Young

See 'A Lost Legionary in South Africa', pages 208-9, for George Hamilton Browne's version of the event. There is a graphic illustration entitled 'Pressed into H.M. Navy', by S. Valda, between these two pages.

John Y.
10th October 2003sally
Thanks John
Will check that - but wonder if it gives any info re what happened to him later ... ie, his Naval career.