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14th October 2003Enlisting under a false name
By Adrian Wright
What, if any, was the punishment for a soldier if it was discovered whilst on campaign that he had enlisted under a false name?
14th October 2003Clive Dickens
The answer to your question is nothing you are allowed to use any name you wish even today , it was a freqent thing in Victorian days for soldiers to use another name some with reason others who just wanted to lose themselves from familym I myself joined the army at 15years and six months , my parents dare not say anything in case it got me into trouble, I was in time found out I was charged with making a false statement on attestation , but the only punishment I had was was to be discharged ,I joined again when I was old enough.
14th October 2003Adrian Wright
On a similar theme - What if he gave an incorrect enlistment number if questioned by a high ranking officer after committing a punishable offence?
14th October 2003Martin Everett
It was quite common for soldiers in the 19th C to enlisted under a false name. About 10 in every battalion and of course they just had to look age 18 to enlist. No need to produce a birth certificate. Also the Recruiting Sergeant could record names incorrectly - e.g. William Allen or Allan VC. Examples of aliases amongst the RD defenders are Evan Jones (Patrick Cosgrave), George Edwards (George Edward Orchard) and John Williams VC (John Fielding), David Lewis (James Owen) and John Thomas (Peter Sawyer).

It was not an offence at the time of the AZW.
17th January 2004David Simon
Quick question. Was the VC made to John Fielding (his real name) or John Williams?