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15th October 2003Martini Henry Rifles
By Joseph
On a somewhat related note, I've been to Atlanta Cutlery and looked at the Martini Henry rifles from Nepal. They are GREAT. I was able to handle them and inspect several. I bought two on the spot. I would advise if you decide to get one... requesting them to find you the "best" they have as some are not as nice as others. I didn't see any I'd throw away, but some had defects in wood etc. Except for the Nepal markings on one side they are identical to the Martini's we know and love. They are also covered in British markings as well. Perhaps if you state that you belong to a discussion bpard and will be reporting to your mates about quality etc., they will really go the extra mile in finding the better rifles. I live about an hour from the place, but could be convinced to go and inspect a rifle personally if that's what any of you guys would like.
16th October 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
I think that it is safe to say that this will be the last lot of Martinis released on mass as surplus. I have not got a snowballs chance in hell of going to Atlanta to see them but echo Joseph’s advice to see before you buy or have a Martini wise friend look for you. I’d love to see a picture of the Atlanta collection before it gets decimated by collectors. How many did they have Joseph?
19th October 2003Brian
I just ordered a Martini Henry from Atlanta Cutlery. They have a return policy so If it is not as advertised I'll return it. I currently own a MH mkIV and I wanted a MKIII.
19th October 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
While some of this batch have had some bad press there is some very positive feed back with pictures on the Martini forum. No doubt there are bargains to be had here.
20th October 2003Joseph
Is it possible to post pictures on this forum? If so I'll show you pictures of the two I bought. They have approximately two ship containers worth... whatever that means. I assume they mean the truck sized boxes on ships. They had more MH's than anything else, then Sniders and then Percussion muskets etc. The quality in weapon goes down the farther back you go beyond 1870's. I agree with Barry though that I can't imagine another cache like this being discovered. So once the market absorbs these they will become rarities again. Barry, let me know if you want me to inspect one for you... I wouldn't charge any fee.
21st October 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Thanks for the kind offer Joseph but I have all the Martini Henrys that I can afford.
I would so dearly love a MKII but as long as she who must be obeyed insists on buying food etcetera I doubt that I will be able to afford another one. Pictures can not be posted on this forum but I would still like to see yours. Please post them to me direct. The mind boggles at the thought of two shipping containers full of British military rifles from the 1800s. I love to know what Atlanta cutlery paid for them.
21st October 2003Joseph
I do understand about she who must be obeyed!!! My own version has graciously allowed me my recent purchase, of course I'll get nothing for Christmas and Birthdays for a couple of years. I cannot confirm this rumour, but I heard they and IMA were in this together for about 5 million USD.
22nd October 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
If you do get a second look at this shipment Joseph please try and take some photos. I doubt that we will ever see so many arms of this type in one place again. You simply can’t have too much of a good thing.
22nd October 2003Brian
I recieved my MK II rifle today. It is in very good condition. The bore is very dirty but the rifleing really stands out. Overall I am very happy with this purchase.