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24th October 2003Time Watch documentary
By Arno
I browse this brilliant site, and at 9.45pm on Oct. 24 I get to the news page where it says that there is a documentary on at 9pm on BBC2 on Oct. 24. I check my watch, I check the date ... that's today !! I change to BBC2 and see the end-credits ......... I've valiantly managed to miss it. Reading about it though, perhaps for the best. Nevertheless I feel the need to throw something accross the livingroom :)

To round off this day. I had just watched 'Zulu' again after some years, because I received it today via mail on DVD ... hence me browsing the site.
24th October 2003Wheels of ire
Hoping you might be able to help with info on a Sgt.H.Gallagher, died eithr here or at the bigger battle
25th October 2003John Young
Sgt. Henry Gallagher survived the Battle of Rorke's Drift, and died in 1931.

For more information about him see 'The Noble 24th', by Norman Holme, published 1999. Also see 'Deeds of Valour', by James W. Bancroft, published 1994, which has a chapter devoted to Gallagher in it.

John Y.