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28th October 2003Black As Hell, Thick As Grass
By Marc Jung
Hi, sorry to carp on about it, but has anyone any info on whether we are nearer to this being released on DVD? As perhaps one of the last people holding out for the supposed 'cheap winning system' of recordable DVD player/recorders, it may well
entice me to buy a cheap DVD player in the meantime if released soon! Thanks, all.
28th October 2003John Young

The master tape is with me at present, having only just been returned by the Asst. Director of the 'Timewatch' programme.

Kenneth Griffith has given permission for to reproduce his 1978-made documentary. The master tape is on a 'u-matic' video tape and will obviously have to be transferred to a present-day format.

As soon as I can get over to Alan or Peter, I'm sure they can make a start with it.

John Y.
29th October 2003AMB
Good time for [next] Christmas?