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30th October 2003Atlanta MH rifles
By Melvin Hunt
I'm wondering if anyone in the UK has bought a MH rifle from Atlanta and if so, are there any pitfalls in importing it into this country?
Are these relatively cheap rifles going to bring down the current high prices of rifles in the UK?
31st October 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Melvin. I suspect that prices in the States will drop for a short time to be competitive with the Atlanta Martinis but my betting is that in a short time the price will be back up and beyond where they are today. World demand has made an impact on the price of Martinis here in N.Z. and I feel that thanks to the internet we will soon arrive at one price for all regardless of geography. I know of people who are buying Martinis just as an ad vestment in much the way that some people buy art works. Part of me says that Martinis should only be owned by those that love and respect them. Another part of me wishes I had bought a score of them twenty years ago.
Demand will soon out strip supply and they are just not making anymore. I don’t think you could buy one any cheaper then those from Atlanta at the moment but I think it safe to say that on average Martinis will never be cheaper then they are today.
6th November 2003Brian
I bought two MH rifles. One to collect and one as an investment. Now if I can just find some ammo!
7th November 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
What ever you do Brian don’t purchase and fire vintage ammo. It is worth more alive then dead. You can roll your own but if you only intend to fire your Martini a few times that could be rather costly. To my limited knowledge the only place in the States selling loaded rounds is “The old western scrounger”. I think that is what they call themselves and I am told by those in the know that their ammo is made from brass shot cartridges and is of very poor quality.
Kynoch in the U.K. are making loaded rounds again. You can bet that the quality will be high as will be the price.
However firing Martini Henrys is great fun. Well worth the effort.