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31st October 2003Rorke's Drift defender
By Mark Hobson
I posted this under the wrong list, so I'll try again.

It's a query that Martin Everett may be able to help with.
I'm trying to find out any information about a Lance Sergeant James Taylor who was at Rorke's Drift. In Adrian Greaves "Rorke's Drift" there is info concerning his army career and a brief description of the man, but I am after information such as: Date of birth, Date of death, Place of birth, location of grave, names of wife and children (if any). It states in the book that he was born at Meltham, Halifax. I am from Halifax and can tell you that Meltham is actually south of Huddersfield, not in Halifax. If you, or anyone else, could clarify this, as well as provide any more info then it would be much appreciated.
31st October 2003Andy Cherry
For grave details, please look at the following link:
31st October 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mark,
You often find oddities on enlistment forms of that period. I am sure that Norman Holme has copied exactly as it was written down by the recruiting sergeant. Perhaps young Taylor thought that the nearest large town was Halifax. Perhaps the 1871 census might give you details of his family. Army enlistment forms do not have date of birth - only (apparent) age on enlistment. Fuller details are given in Norman Holme's 'The Noble 24th'. The museum holds one of his medals. Perhaps if you send us a donation then we may even be able to produce a photograph of him.
2nd November 2003Mark Hobson
Many thanks for your time chaps. I'll take up your advice.