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31st October 2003j.l.knight
By l.j.knight
my namesake was the resident magistrate at Umsinga during the Zulu war. will sombody please post on this forum a biography of him.
1st November 2003John Young
John Locke Knight was the Clerk and Interpreter to the R.M., who was Henry Francis Fynn Jr., the son of the 1824 pioneer.

J.L. Knight's father was a member of the Natal Legislative Council representing Klip River, where he farmed.

During the Anglo-Zulu War J.L. Knight served as a Levy Leader, he received the campaign medal with no bar.

He would in time become a R.M. for Entonjaneni District. He took part in the 'Disturbances' of 1887-8, and was responsible for the demarcation of Zibhebhu's territory.

All information for the files of the late John Radburn.

John Y.
2nd November 2003j.l.knight
as ever thank you mr young, john laband fears this subject is fast becoming "played out" but ive only been studying it for about five yrs so i am sure i have plenty to discover, ive read about Farewell,King,Fynn, Merrymen, and co,but its hards to track infomation on some of the fringe 'players, thanks again your the man.
11th November 2003Rai England
Some more info on J.L.Knight he was born on 6 september 1855 in Ladysmith, the son of H.E.Knight, he married 9 june 1885 to Helen Sophia daughter of J.A.Munnick, he was still alive in Natal 1906.
14th November 2003l.j.knight
thank you mr England, that was indeed very helpful,could anybody tell me if j.l.knight saw any actuall combat during the war, i'm thinking of a particular photograph which appears in many publications in which they are described as a group of levy leaders,[page44 brave mens blood]on a personal note
mr england i think your site is outstanding,total kids love the Zulus chasingthe curser,so i have to give them 15 mins or so before any work can progress.