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3rd November 2003A good first reference book?
By John Phillips
I'm a newbie with interest to getting more grounded in basic knowledge about the Zulu War. Any basic reference book recommended to start that gives a good overall understanding of chronology, tactics and events? Also interested in the soldier's view up close and personal. thanx much
3rd November 2003James Garland
I would recommend Ian Knight's book "Brave mens blood" as a first book. It is profusely illustrated and is written by a well respected author. It turns up quite cheaply at second hand bookshops and is quite easy to get hold of. I think it may still be in print. Ian knight gives a full and comprehensive bibliography at the back of his book which will lead you to other books on the subject.
4th November 2003Steven Sass

Just to further James' point, for the soldier's view, try Ian Knight's "By the Orders of the Great White Queen," Campaigning in Zululand through the Eyes of the British Soldier, 1879. However, I would as James suggested, read "Brave Men's Blood" first, as it provides a rich overview as perspective for the soldier's accounts. As the individual accounts are basically isolated moments in time from one person's perspective, reading "Brave Men's Blood" will certainly help make more sense of them as well as introducing the personalities behind them.

4th November 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
I have just read "Brave Men's Blood" and can only agree with Steven and James
10th November 2003John Phillips
Tx one and all!!
13th November 2003l.j.knight
dear john,
i would recommend, 'the washing of the spears" by the late Donald Morris as a must have book,all subsequent book;s must bow there heads in acknowledgement, the sheer volume of this work is in itself utterly breathtaking,as you study this subject further you will see that is not without its innacuracies,i really do believe however that it is the benchmark by which all subsequent books are to be measured by.i have read most of the rest and believe me only a small few come even Yorke,R.D.1879,Michael Barthorp,the Zulu war,Phillip Gon,the road to Isandhlwana,C.T.Binns,the last zulu king,to name just a few,i hope your searches prove fruitful,this is a subject which can captivate a person for life