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4th November 2003pictures of junior ranks killed at isandlwana
By paul tocher
Please could anyone help me i have seen lots of pictures of the officers of the 1/24th who were killed at isandlwana but ive not seen many of lesser ranks.Does anyone have any such pictures i could see ?
5th November 2003David Bluestein
I recently asked the exact same question some months ago on this forum and came up empty. However if you should have more luck, I would be grateful to see your results.

5th November 2003Julian Whybra
There is a photo of H coy 1/24th in The Hill of the Sphinx p.58 by FWD Jackson. The original was stolen from the museum many years ago but David and i have copies of it. There are photos of Sergt T. Cooper in Ian Knight's book Zulu p. 31 (originals in his pvte. collection), a photo of Pvte. Power on p.87 (original in the Royal Archive (photographic section)), of Corp. Richardson and the 1/24th pioneers on 31 (Africana Mus, Joburg), the 1/24th band in P Gon's book The Road to Isandlwana following p 208 (Africana Mus).
5th November 2003Neil Aspinshaw
Check out Zulu (windrow & green) by Ian Knight, p55/55. There is an excellent full company portrait of H company 1/24th.
5th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Paul,
It is true that there are few photos of Private Soldiers of 24th. More likely are the senior ranks who may have had the opportunity to have a portrait photo taken in PMB. I have one of CSgt Edwards in the archives. There were very few if any private cameras around at that time.
6th November 2003paul tocher
Dear Martin
many kind thanks for your reply , would it be possible to get a copy of CSGT Edwards pic sent by e-mail to me ? Many thanks
6th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Paul,
What do you intend to use for?
7th November 2003paul tocher
Dear Martin
it would only be for me to keep for my own interest nothing more.
7th November 2003paul tocher
Dear Martin
it would only be for me to keep for my own interest nothing more.
7th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Paul,
I have been conscious for a long time that we should make images held by the museum more easily accessible. We have just started a scanning project. This is dependent on grant funding). I thought we had about 8,000 photos, but I have revised my estimate is probably nearer 15K to 20K. These images, of course, cover the period c1850 to the present day - we are concentrating on the loose photos first and have completed about 1,500 scans. All have to indexed and cataloqued as well. I am discussing with Archives Network Wales next the possibilty of having a range of images available on-line and, of course our document archive cataloque covering the AZW. It is not possible to solely concentrate on AZW image at present. You will understand that the 24th/SWB served in many other places than South Africa so we have to respect the wider audience and their needs. I am aware by the questions I am asked that we may have to do something in the short term to cover those who require more information on uniform dress of the 24th in the AZW (i.e. artists and modelmakers). So you will have to watch this space.
8th November 2003Julian Whybra
Martin, if it would help you, I had detailed descriptions made of officer and ORs' uniforms and kit made (together with illustrations of it all by Mollo) for my British Archives publication The Defence of Rorke's Drift. I can forward these to you, if you wish.
8th November 2003John Young

Sadly the illustartion which accompanied your British Archives publication, was not without error.

If you want to drop me an e-mail, I'll point them out.

John Y.