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5th November 2003Capt E.S. Browne
By Cllive Dickens
Can someone please help me I have read two conflicting reports on the Award of the V.C. to Capt E.S. Browne of the M.I one says it was for saving a mans life at the battle of Hlobane and another says it was for saving a mans life at the Battle of Kambula. which is correct ?
5th November 2003John Young

I've actually written two articles on this very subject. The second expands on the first, with further evidence. Beyond any doubt Lieutenant (local rank of Captain) E.S. Browne's Victoria Cross was actually for Khambula, and not Hlobane.

John Y.
5th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Clive,
Browne's VC is engraved with the date of the action - 29 March 1879.
6th November 2003Clive Dickens
John ,Martin
Thank you both very much for the information, but I just wish these people who write books would do their research much better.
Thank you both again