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5th November 2003The death of Lt. J. Roberts NNH at Isandlwana
By Adrian wright
I have always been led to understand that Lt. J. Roberts of the NNH at Isandlwana was killed by an artillery shell (friendly fire) whilst falling back to the camp along the Nyoni ridge.
Q. Are there any eye-witness accounts of this ?
Thanks if anyone can help.
5th November 2003Julian Whybra
No, regrettably there are not. Neither is it absolutely definite that this was the case.
5th November 2003Adrian wright
A great shame. Thanks for replying anyway Julian.
7th November 2003Adrian wright
I don't suppose anybody can tell me something of this man's background e.g.
Where he was born, previous military career prior to isandlwana and how he became a Lt. in the Native horse ?
Thankyou if you can
7th November 2003Julian Whybra
Local man, born at Pinetown. I do have more on him but I have to search in my files for it. It may take a while.
7th November 2003John Young

Capt. W.H. Stafford records in his piece in 'Natal Mercury' 22nd January 1929, the following:
'...The one exception was Lieutenant Roberts, of Pinetown, who had managed to get his men into a cattle kraal on the ledge of the ridge. I heard later on that this little band had been shelled by our artillery, and that Roberts had been killed as a result of the blunder. ...'

Sadly, Stafford does not name his source.

John Y.
8th November 2003Julian Whybra
He was a local man, born in Pinetown. I have more on him but will have to dig it out of my files.
10th November 2003Adrian Wright
Thankyou John and Julian. Any additional info would be great too.