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6th November 2003Lt Melvill home in 1878?
By Martin Everett
Did Lt Melvill come home to England in early 1878. Please do not quote Mac & Shad or O'Morre Creagh or the Melvill family at me - they are all from the same source.
6th November 2003Martin Everett
The above should be O'Moore Creagh or the published Melvill family history.
7th November 2003Julian Whybra
Departed SA 4th December to try for a place in staff college, retruned on 11th March aboard the Himalaya having failed to get one.
7th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Julian,
Thanks. That seems to fit as Melvill 2nd son was baptised in St Winnow's church. This suggest that his wife came home with him but did not return to South Africa with the two children.
8th November 2003rai england
sorry but Melvill did get his place at the staff college as he appears on the staff college list for 1878, he also appears on the staff college memorial for those who died on service. What he did not do was take up the appointment, Rai E
8th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Rai,
It was my understanding that Melvill did secure a place at Staff College. But what is not clear from the various biographical notes on his life, is whether he came home to take up the appointment. His family came home. So I was looking for evidence of his movements before the AZW.
1st December 2003Mike McCabe
Hart's Army List for 1878 records Melvill as being 'at Staff College'. I was looking at it in the RE Library last week.