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6th November 2003Pte George Edwards/Missionary
By Peter Ewart

I've pulled your query up from that subject thread as it'll get lost down there.

I don't think George Edwards had been a missionary - you'll find his career details in Norman Holme's "The Noble 24th" as well as in other publications perhaps - alias surname Orchard.

There were two missionaries at RD as the conflict approached, one Swede and one Briton: the Rev Otto Wit(t) and the Rev George Smith, the latter remaining to assist in the defence. Are you thinking of him, perhaps? (There was also another George Smith present, a Sgt of the 24th).

I have a reasonable little library of works on the church in S Africa in the 19th century and have also gathered a fair amount of info from various sources on Anglican missionaries of the time in Natal, Zululand, Swaziland & "British Kaffraria", but a cursory survey doesn't reveal a George Edwards. However, if you do feel there was a missionary of this name, let me know & I'll dig a bit deeper.

8th November 2003Bill Condon
I would sujjest that you contact Alan Jones on e-mail address <[email protected]> his files and knowlege of Roke's Drift defenders is very extencive.