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7th November 2003Positive press for a change.
By Neil Aspinshaw
My local paper the Nottingham evening post has recently featured some excellent information on RD and some of the personalities. Yesterday they featured releatives of some of the soldiers, Scanlons (RD) and Booth VC, of Intombe River fame.
check out, go to search in top right and search zulu.
David Fox has has some very good news with regards to his article in the same paper a couple of weeks ago, with respect to Caleb Woods and Robert Tongue.Nottingham Lads.
David hopefully will tell us more.
The question is, with these men originating from Nottingham, is that why we have street names named after the action?.
7th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Neil,
I have been suppying info and images to the journalist concerned. He is trying to ensure there are new headstones for Woods and Tongue who come from the same village in Nottinghamshire. Fortunately the journalist is a bit of AZW buff.
8th November 2003Bill Condon
Have you contacted this Jones fellow for information, he was a great help to me last year, his address is
8th November 2003Neil Aspinshaw
It appeared from the article that you had helped out. Isn't it refreshing to see an article that has had a bit of thought into it?.
I haven't the info to hand but Was Wassall & Booth (vc,s) from the same Staffs regiment.
I hope to meet up with David Fox this week, He did inform me that since the article appeared in the local press, a kind offer from the CO-OP funeral sevice had come in with respect to a memorial plaques' being installed at thier graves at Ruddington.