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10th November 2003Dalton - a broken man?
By ed.coan
Reading Saul David's article in the latest BBC History magazine, emanating from the 'Timewatch' programme, he says 'James Dalton died in 1887, a broken man'.

I've looked through all the books I've got on the subject and although Dalton leads a relatively anonymous life after the war, any justification for saying he dies a broken man?

10th November 2003John Young

Likewise, I searched in vain for any reference to collaborate this statement, but to date I have not discovered anything.

John Y.
10th November 2003Clive Dickens
John, Ed
10th November 2003Clive Dickens
John, Ed
I too cannot find any proof that James Lagley Dalton died a "Broken man" H e may not have been overloaded in riches but very few people where in Victorian times but broken man NO,
another of
10th November 2003Clive Dickens
10th November 2003Clive Dickens
Sorry my computer is in rebellious mood today, continue:another bit of Dr Sauls vivid imagination I think.

10th November 2003ed.coan
Thanks John/Clive - I think Dr.SD had a similar flight of fancy with the private who shot himself whilst chasing 'imaginary Zulus'. Presumably he means Pte.William Jones, but the reasons why he did so will always be conjecture to my mind, but to bring imaginary Zulus into the equation seems a step too far.

Overall, I just couldn't understand the decision of BBC History magazine to let Dr.SD write what is in effect a 'keynote' article, by someone whom, to my knowledge, has not published a work specifically on the AZ War.

All it does it perpetuate a few myths, which the Timewatch series usually sets out to lay to rest.

10th November 2003l.j.knight
you mean pte Robert Jones.
10th November 2003ed.coan
Quite right - I do.

10th November 2003James Garland
I'm starting to feel that if the defenders at Rorkes Drift were as amateur in their proffession as the programme makers are in theirs, they would have lost the battle in the first 20 minutes.

11th November 2003Julian whybra
I have no justification for the remark either.
11th November 2003Mike McCabe
The Rubicon has been crossed, it appears that increasing numbers of programme compilers and presenters do not feel an ethical or professional obligation to get their facts right, and some also feel 'empowered' to trifle with the memory and reputation of the dead, for the purposes of scoring cheap presentational points. And, all in their quest for more beef and claret.
Sad stuff indeed. Not long before it rolls into new generations with later campaigns and wars.
25th November 2003Eileen Sutton
I believe that towards the end of his life Dalton was the co - owner of a gold mine. Where is the evidence that this would lead him to be a "broken man" ?