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14th November 2003God - you people are so pathetic.
By Cetsheweyo
As per my title.
What is it about you sad, pathetic bunch of losers? The Zulu War, (forget all this "politically correct" bullshit about the Zulu - Anglo-War) was a nasty, squalid little war in the mid - 19th century which is a STAIN on the history of the British Empire. It should NEVER have happened; it was (and will always remain) an embarrassment to the British Arny.
Why can't you people just let it go - of course you can't pretend it never happened (unfortunately) but at least why can't you just just relegate it to the dustbin of history?
God, you prople are sick.
14th November 2003Phil
All wars are nasty and squalid. The proof of maturity in people and nations is that, unlike you, they can discuss, remember and revere the memories of all involved without rancour and cheap shots.

Whether the defeat at Isandlwana and victory at Rorke's Drift is a cause for remembrance for the British Army is a moot point. But unfortunately, the history of the world from the start of Adam has been inextricably linked with the individual, and it is how I choose to remember this and other events throughout the history of the world.

Of course it should never have happened...that is a cop-out phrase that could also be used to describe the Great Plague and the Spice Girls. But the fact is, it did happen, as the British Empire happened, and whether it was a Good Thing or not, it happened, like the tide rolls in on the beach, and when you have human vanity, desire, love, hate and life itself there will always wars, battles and Empires. But that can never take away from the individual the truly decent human values of courage, honour and dignity.

That is why we remember the battle, and the people, both Zulu and British, who fought in the war. The day we start dismissing the endeavours of others is the day we demean ourselves.

You say we should relegate it to the dustbin of history (another cliche) yet don't offer us opinions as to why. May I humbly suggest you read more history; it will give you a new perspective on our future.
14th November 2003Diana Blackwell
Your nastly little message never really explains why you think the study of history is "sick," "pathetic," etc. (Is it, perhaps, your least favorite subject in school?) Try to stay with me here: to study a war is not necessarily to endorse it. If you read much of this site or beyond, you'll see that Zulu War buffs are not all of one mind--the field is full of living controversies and diverse opinions. However, I have yet to see anyone here diss the Zulus or applaud their subjugation.
15th November 2003James Garland
May I humbly suggest you try an anger management course or perhaps increase your medication.

15th November 2003Steven Sass
Does anyone know who this "British Arny" fellow is. In all of my sad and pathetic studies, I've yet to come across him.

When one elects to harangue and denounce the interests of others, it adds credibility to one's argument if said rants are backed up with sound reasoning and mistake free diction.

Seriously though, if anyone knows of primary sources mentioning "British Arny" and his embarrassment, please share it with the rest of us.

15th November 2003Edward Garcia

Perhaps you might like to suggest that the Zulu people of today forget about this “squalid little war” and relegate it to the “dustbin of history”. If you paid any real attention to what is said not only within this forum but also in the many fine books that have been published on the subject you might – if you could see past your cliché smeared glasses – actually realize that the commemoration of the War honors not just the members or the “British Arny” but also the Zulus themselves. Have you ever noticed the honored guest at many of the public events that take place in Britain commemorating the War is almost invariably a member of the Zulu Royal house?

But perhaps I should simply quote the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Ben Ngbane who wrote the following introduction to the 120th Anniversary retrospective brochure of the Anglo-Zulu War:

“Yet the courage, endurance and sacrifice of the soldiers on both sides who fought during the war should be remembered with pride. The tradition of heroic resistance against colonialism of the Zulu people, and their victory at Isandlwana has ensured them a lasting place in the complex history of South Africa…”


“Let us remember the events of 1879 in the spirit of reconciliation for which South Africa as a whole is justly renowned throughout the world”.

Perhaps you think Premier Ngbane’s words deserve a place in your “dustbin of history” too.
15th November 2003neil
If we are so pathetic, why then [email protected] .com were you looking at this site in the first place?
Sad we may be, but we are not as sad as to even endorse the fact we visit web sites that we deplore.
I suggest you slither back under the leaf that you crawled out from.
15th November 2003L.j.knight
just logged, read the original question, and the responces, is this a wind up, i think a member of our happy little band is causing mischief,to say it comes out of left field is an apt description, i find the subject of the A.Z.W. both intellectualy and emotionally a journey of realization and descovery, i have been sneered at and ridiculed on a one to one basis
before but never collecttivly. im sure the cretin/cretins involved are enjoying thier little ripple effect.[bless]
15th November 2003Clive Dickens
Mty own personal view on reading the opening letter is for us to ignore this very mixed up and sad individuall he is not worth the response he is getting
15th November 2003Miguel
Gentlemen, please. We all have seen these things before, during our internet experience. We have seen it in forums, irc chatrooms, usenet threads, guestbooks...

The common pattern is this: a lonely, pathetic loser with a serious maturity issue (and God knows what else) posts an inflamatory, offending message whose one and only purpose is to put everyone else up in arms. Why?, because they love to be the center of attention. I think they have a name in the internet for them (¿crawlers? ¿trolls? ¿flamers? I don't remember it right now)

It is difficult for the rest of us, the ones with a life, to understand the sastisfaction that one of those mentally challenged individuals gets from any reply at all.

Usually those replies are as inflamatory as the original message, and while I am very happy to see the excellent, measured and well reasoned answers from the rest of you, I must remind you that the replies themself are this idiot's victory.

The best we can do when someone decides to use our forum as a therapy for whatever mental issue he is suffering, is simply to ignore the obviously offending message. This way he will be (if possible) even more frustrated when he sees that he is fully ignored by the mentally healthy rest of our community. I have no doubt he will simply fly away to annoy another forum, like the one discussing Britney Spear's mammary glands, where he actually belongs.

And, with some hope, he'll also increase his medication and/or finds professional help and therapy.

Canary Islands
15th November 2003Arthur Bainbridge
The Zulu war was avoidable and its start leaves an unpleasant tatse ,but I admire the courage and bravery of both sides,This site is a tribute to this if this site was only onesided it would be a poorer site for it, i maintain that this site tries to be fair to both sides of this conflict.Lets work together for peace and understanding between the two nations and hopefully we camn live in a world with out war.I am proud to read this site.
15th November 2003Diana Blackwell
Good points, but "Gentlemen"?! I take offense, madam.
15th November 2003Miguel
Diana dear, when you are right, you are right. My humble apologies!! lol

Canary Islands
17th November 2003Andy Lee

Your thread started off so well but to take a crack at the Queen of music, Britney Spear's (shocking).

17th November 2003Miguel

Britney Spears, Queen of music? That moron was right after all: god, we are so pathetic!! LOL.

17th November 2003Mike McCabe
Splendid, completely lost the thread in only 9 goes. I am very attracted to the idea of 'British Arny' as a possible rival for the governorship of California!
17th November 2003Andy Lee

If it's pathetic your looking for - just watch the news on Thursday to see thousands of pathetic idiots marching in our capital or the leader of our Lib Dem party for supporting it.

I shall now show myself the red card, as I'm going well of this forum track.


17th November 2003Peter Critchley
heheh.. And who said we needed a moderator!!

Nice one guys - measured, funny responses.. (I especially liked yours Miguel! lol!! )

17th November 2003John Phillips
Well done guys. Too bad what's his name was too chicken to stand by his words and take his medicine like a grown up. Perhaps he knew that when he threw out a whiney childish rant that lacks thought and fails to make any point, fails to enlighten or educate and cowers from meaningful debate, the return barbs would justifiably come fast and furious. My God, man, you'd have earned much more respect from the group for intellectual honesty if you had simply stuck your tongue out and run away.
18th November 2003Arthur Bainbridge
spokem like a man Dianna
18th November 2003Diana Blackwell
Apparently a man, a guy, and a gentleman...with two N's!

20th November 2003Marc Jung
Well, done, Cetsh - but, as it may have been covered, the great Zulu nation became what it was with Isandhlwana and in the face of the British Empire established itself as a better-known warrior class of people. The ancient Greeks used to take their 'children' to military camps for seven years, and the assegai was like the Greek and Roman short sword. Both Zulus and our cultures have common ground somewhere. My point? History, is interesting and the only sadness is you having nothing better to do than type crap, mate. Go find yourself a demonstration somewhere, preferably at the bottom of the ocean, or the Earth's core. Take a day off from yourself.
21st November 2003GLENN STACY
This message is from an American, who has always been interested in the Zulu War to the idiot who posted his remarks. If there is a loser or a pathetic creature, then that creature is you, no one else. Oh yes, by the way, learn to spell and articulate yourself better, you maggot!!!!!