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14th November 2003French Imperialism
By Dan Rudary
Hello Everyone,
I know that this is a bit off topic, but I have run into a problem. In my history class, we are going over the "age of imperialism", as our textbook puts it, and we have an assignment to do. We have to research an African country and report on the imperialistic ventures that occured there, and thier effects. My teacher knew that I knew a lot about the British Empire, espicially South Africia, and so she assigned me Algeria. Does anyone know were I could find some good web sites or books pertaining to French Imperialism in Algeria?

Dan Rudary
15th November 2003Colin Blackler
You could start with " A savage war of peace" by Alistair Horn. Go to and type Algiers in the search field and read the review of the "Battle for Algiers" DVD which is released this Monday the 17th.
They quote the A. Horne book as the " Definitive readable account of the events".
Best of luck
15th November 2003John Young

Try a search on 'The French in Algeria', I found a few sites detailing the French invasion of the 1830's, and the reasons why.

John Y.
15th November 2003Peter Ewart

You could try Thomas Pakenham's "The Scramble for Africa" (1992) which, although not containing a great deal on Algeria, would enable to you to place your Algerian findings in the context of the 19th century European imperialist policies in Africa as a whole & consider France's competition with Gt Britain, Germany & Belgium.

It's a well known book, still in print in paperback I think and you should have no difficulty getting hold of a copy.

Sounds as if your teacher thought you'd have it a bit too easy if she assigned you a South African project!

15th November 2003Dan Rudary
Thanks Everyone!
15th November 2003Julian Whybra
JPT Bury France 1814-1940 has a good overview of the politics surrounding the acquisition of Algeria and a bibliography which would lead you on to other areas of interest. It's available from most libraries. There is a more specific book in French - do you read French?
17th November 2003Julian Whybra
Histoire de la colonisation francaise by H. Blet is the book.