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16th November 2003The Natal Mercury
By Jonathan Hicks
I wonder if I may call on the assistance of members to aid me in my research? I have come across several references to a supplement to The Natal Mercury, published on 22nd January 1929. Does anyone have a copy, or a copy of a copy I might view?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

17th November 2003Julian Whybra
Go the Newspaper Library within the British Library. It's free to view and you can get a photocopy if you wish. They can also be ordered over the phone/through the post.
Are you sure you mean the 22nd?
17th November 2003Julian Whybra
Sorry, of course you mean the 22nd - a mental aberration!
18th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Jonathan,
I do have a copy of this supplement - it very fragile so I really would not wish to photocopy it. But you could come to Brecon and see it.
18th November 2003Julian Whybra
I forgot to say that you can e-mail the British Newspaper Library with your photocopy request and they'll send it by post. You supply them with paper title, date and page nos. (or all), your name & address, and they send you the bill. The e-mail address is [email protected] The minimum charge is 12 per order. However the quality of the photocopying is guaranteed first rate.
19th November 2003Jonathan Hicks
Thank you, Julian and Martin for your replies. Unfortunately, the BNL have told me that their copy is also too fragile to photocopy. I am still hopeful that someone must have a copy that can be photcopied so that I can work on it. I'll keep searching!
19th November 2003Dave Nolan
Jonathan, maybe someone in SA will 'compile' it and then issue it under their own names so that we all can see it ;) Dave
19th November 2003John Young

Which articles do you need from it? I have some, but not all, copied, from the source I directed you to prior to this posting.

John Y.
20th November 2003Julian Whybra
Ditto, though I have copies of the typescripts of survivors' accounts from which the articles were written so may not overlap with John's. You can therefore bet on two horses at once.
1st December 2003Julian Whybra
OK jonathan, which accounts did you want?